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Dr. Pieter Rossouw looks at the limbic system and the central role it plays in mental well-being. Covering the essential areas of the thalamus, hypothalamus, amygdala, and hippocampus, Dr. Rossouw talks about the role of each, and the functionality and connectivity of the limbic system as a whole. Understanding the limbic system and the way it can drive behavioural responses is vital knowledge for the psychotherapist and this unit will give you the basic understanding you need.

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  • Pieter Rossouw†

    MClin Psych, PhD, MAPS, MCClin, QCA, IACN

    Pieter Rossouw†

    †Prof Pieter J Rossouw 1955 – 2018 (MClin Psych, PhD, MAPS, MCClin, QCA, IACN) was the Founding Director of Mediros Clinical Solutions, The BRAINGro Institute and The Neuropsychotherapy Institute – companies that provide training and conduct research in Neurobiology and Neuropsychotherapy. Pieter also served as a Professor in Education at Central Queensland University (CQU) and the President of The International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy (IACN). Pieter had been in private practice for 30 years. Pieter specialised in Neuropsychotherapy and was an expert in trauma, anxiety and mood disorders. He had published 6 Scientific Books and 70 scientific articles. Pieter literally wrote the book on Neuropsychotherapy, it's theoretical underpinnings and clinical applications, which was published in 2014.